Air filtration

Contaminated air, which usually contains dust particles and various small solid particles, can be very dangerous when inhaled. The dust particles usually end up clogging the respiratory system and if left unchecked, they can lead to very serious chest complications. It is therefore, very important to purify the air you breathe via the process of air filtration.

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Device used

Air filtration is usually done through devices known as air purifiers. They come in various sizes depending on the volume of air that requires to be purified. The purifier usually contains an absorbent material, which traps the solid particles and other air pollutants. There are wide range of materials that can be used ranging from fiberglass, cotton and even charcoal.


Air filters are usually placed in the ventilation used in air conditioning. The use of the filters is also very important in automobile air conditioning. The filters are usually placed in the air intake ventilation from the car engine. Space shuttles, airplanes and also trains usually incorporate air filters into their ventilation systems so as to purify the air.

Choosing an air filter

The size of the filter is usually important and one should select the size that fits to the ventilation space available. The choice of material is always very important as it determines the efficiency rating of the filter. Materials, which offer high average filtration efficiency, will usually offer the best air filtration even though they may be more expensive.


The user should check the filters used regularly. Dust particles usually end up clogging air filters and if left unchecked, they can lead to a compromise in the quality of filtration that was to be achieved. If the clogging is, too much the pollutants end up contaminating the air that goes through the filter resulting in respiratory diseases.

Point worth noting

Filters used at times may emit ozone, which in the end ends up causing environmental harm. Even though the filters are very successful in removing dust particles, they are however, not to eliminate odors, which usually make air feel polluted and uncomfortable to breath. They will thus not offer a good solution in removing odors from polluted air.


Even with the some demerits, air filtration has come as a welcome solution in solving the problem of people breathing in polluted air, which usually contains dust and other solid particles. With the right choice of a filter one can now enjoy clean air free from dust.